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Tomorrow Music Orchestra
Neon Jesus Garage (2006) 

Matthew Golombisky's Tomorrow Music Orchestra is a meeting of different musical worlds. One of the Orchestra's earliest efforts, Neon Jesus Garage, is a fully realized canvas of sound that incorporates elements of jazz, cinematic soundscapes and modern classical composition. The track "Slakeshore" sounds like Steve Reich playing jazz. 

Subventure (2006) 

Matthew Colombisky is also involved with the eclectic groups Quintopus and Zing! but Pedway, his trio with drummer Quin Kirchner and saxophonist Caroline Davis, is melodic improvisation boiled down to its core. It is a thrill to hear their freewheeling, acoustic improvisations on the album Subventure, a live recording from a concert where they never run out of ideas. 

Bill MacKay
December Concert (2014) 

Bassist, producer and sound wizard Matt Lux is a prominent figure on the Chicago jazz scene and here is a chance to hear him in an intimate setting with guitarist Bill MacKay. It is all about strings on this release and the sounds and melodies they can make. Lux and MacKay also work together on another release on ears&eyes, Altamira by MacKay's band, Darts & Arrows, with Lux in the producer's chair. 

Sun Speak
Sacred Rubble (2015) 

The range of musical colors, melodies and textures created by the minimal line-up of guitarist Matt Gold and drummer Nate Friedman is impressive, spanning the acoustic fingerpicking and shuffling drums on "Juno" and the advanced juxtaposition of a distorted stoner rock riff and breezy saxophone from guest Ben Schmidt-Swartz on "Solar Beast." 

Caroline Davis Quartet
Doors: Chicago Storylines (2015) 

The best jazz records often become a part of jazz history, but it is rare that an album literally writes jazz history. However, this is what saxophonist Caroline Davis does on Doors: Chicago Storylines where she covers jazz in Chicago 1980-2000 through tales from musicians that were there to witness the scene while she adds her own musical interpretation of the Chicago sound. What emerges is an original mixture of oral jazz history and contemporary jazz with a profound sense of tradition. 

Dave Miller
Old Door Phantoms (2016) 

Guitarist Dave Miller's album Old Door Phantoms steals unashamedly from the great book of rock to create its own brand of dusty, adventurous instrumental rock. The band covers the instrumental classic "Telstar," and "Last Call" echoes Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life" while the ragged guitar excursions owes a debt to Neil Young. It is a wonderful psychedelic déjàvu dressed in new, hip robes.

Matthew Golombisky