(* indicates 'as leader')

Joel Adams - By A Thread

Jeff Albert - Prototype*

Mike Allemana - Live at The Green Mill*, Live Work & Play, Doors: Chicago Storylines

Johan Andersson - High Mayhemic

Jason Appel - Drink With Your Eyes

Jim Baker - Tag Book, Threes

Renee Baker - Altamira

Harrison Bankhead - Perseverance

Juan Bayon - Vidas Simples*

Paul Bedal - Chatter, Focus

Gregg Belisle-Chi
- Book of Hours

Alex Beltran - Delays*

Pete Benson - Live at The Green Mill

Elliot Bergman - Myths & Morals (bonus track)

Leslie Beukelman - Miss Remember*, Tall Tales, Rough Around The Hedges

Alex Blomarz - Effigy

Robin Boudreaux - Live!*, Uhzoid*

Ben Boye - Altamira

Dev Brown - Drink With Your Eyes*

Artie Black - Living Bridge*

Johnathan Blake - Dedicated

Curt Bley - Islands

Ben Boye - Old Door Phantoms

Geof Bradfield - By A Thread

Matt Brewer - Dedicated

Bobby Broom - Doors: Chicago Storylines (speaking)

Dan Bruce - Delays, True North, Earthshine

Rob Clearfield - Islands*

Justin Copeland - Outset

John Carroll - Ace of Wands, Everything is Floating

Matt Carroll - Typical Sisters

Michael Caskey - Rough Around The Hedges

Chris Cheek - Dedicated

Pablo Chin - Gustav 29 Hanna Concerto

Brian Citro - Perseverance*

Rob Clearfield - Rough Around The Hedges, Islands*, Earthshine

Mark Clifford - Cuentos Vol. 1

Justin Copeland - Outset

Anthony Cuccia - Holiday for Vacationers*

Jeremy Cunningham - re: dawn (from far)*, Gimme Some Truth*, Live Work & Play, Doors: Chicago Storylines

Sima Cunningham - Gimme Some Truth

Art Davis - Doors: Chicago Storylines (speaking)

Caroline Davis - This World and One More*, Live Work & Play,* Dancing On The Inside*, Subventure*, Passion Ball*, Magnetic Flux*, Drink With Your Eyes, Gustav 29 Hanna Concerto, In The New Year, neon jesus garage, Live at Ice Factory, Angles of Refraction, Chatter, Materials and their Destiny, Doors: Chicago Storylines*

James Davis - Beveled*, Magnetic Flux*, Angles of Refraction*, Gustav 29 Hanna Concerto, Live at Ice Factory, Everything is Floating, Ace of Wands, Cuentos Vol. 2

Hope Shepard DeCelle - Rough Around The Hedges

Matija Dedic - Dedicated*

Jon Deitemyer - Tall Tales*, Angles of Refraction, Delays, Earthshine

Liz Deitemyer - Rough Around The Hedges

Paul Dietrich - Focus*

Bryan Doherty - Rough Around The Hedges*, Gimme Some Truth

Aaron Dugan - Materials and their Destiny

Katie Ernst - Twin Talk*, Focus

Marcus Evans - Living Bridge

Thomas Faulds - Algernon Remixes*, Drastics Remixes*, ...edited to form*

Matt Ferguson - Doors: Chicago Storylines

George Fludas - Doors: Chicago Storylines (speaking)

Thad Franklin - Gustav 29 Hanna Concerto, Some Wonderful Moment

Mike Frederick - Prehistoric Beach*, Voyage to Ornoc, April Showers*

George Freeman - Live at The Green Mill*

Von Freeman - Doors: Chicago Storylines (speaking)

Nate Friedman - Sacred Rubble*

Helen Gillet - Gustav 29 Hanna Concerto*

Lucas Goicoechea - Vidas Simples

Matt Gold - Sacred Rubble*

Matthew Golombisky - Cuentos Vol. 1 & 2*, Cuentos Vol. 3*, Prehistoric Beach*, Gustav 29 Hanna Concerto*, Live!*, Live at Ice Factory*, neon jesus garage*, Uhzoid*, Introducing::*, Magnetic Flux*, Subventure*, Passion Ball*, Live at Elastic*, Holiday for Vacationers, The Wild Oaks

Charles Gorzynski - Prizefighter*, Perseverance*, Drastic Remixes*, Algernon Remixes*

David Grant - Ace of Wands*, Everything is Floating*

Frank Gratkowski - Touch.*

Anthony Gravino - Rough Around The Hedges, Gimme Some Truth

Andrew Green - Outset, Twin Talk*, Focus

Jeff Greene - The Delicate Beast*, Cuentos Vol. 2, Angles of Refraction, Air of the Forest

Brigham Hall - Live at Elastic*

Drew Hansen - Effigy

Mike Harmon - Natural Language, Some Other Tree

Bill Harris - Man of the Earth

Dave Hart - Voyage to Ornoc

Gerritt Hatcher - Man of the Earth

Kyle Hernandez - Altamira

Joan Hickey - Doors: Chicago Storylines (speaking)

Marquis Hill - Rough Around The Hedges, Chatter, Chinchano

Eric Hochberg - Doors: Chicago Storylines (speaking)

Noah Hoffeld - Dedicated

Ben Hoffman - Drink With Your Eyes

Tim Ipsen - Outset

Doug Johnson - Gustav 29 Hanna Concerto

Josh Johnson - re: dawn (from far)

Keith Johnson - Some Wonderful Moment

Russ Johnson - Doors: Chicago Storylines, Earthshine

Rusty Jones - Some Other Tree

Mike Kaupa - Prehistoric Beach*, April Showers*

Liam Kazar - Gimme Some Truth

Joel Kelsey - Delays*

Charlie Kirchen - City In A Garden

Quin Kirchner - Live!*, Introducing::*, Uhzoid*, Magnetic Flux*, Live at Elastic*, Passion Ball*, Subventure*, Vortices, The Delicate Beast, Islands, Old Door Phantoms, Drink With Your Eyes, Gustav 29 Hanna Concerto, Live at Ice Factory, Altamira, Holiday for Vacationers

Jonathon Kirk - Ace of Wands, Everything is Floating, Gustav 29 Hanna Concerto, neon jesus garage, Live at Ice Factory

Julian Kirshner - City In A Garden

Katinka Kleijn - Drink With Your Eyes, Doors: Chicago Storylines

Adam Klein - Ace of Wands

Eric Klerks - Holiday for Vacationers

Lars-Erik Larson - Effigy

Dustin Laurenzi - Natural Language*, Twin Talk*, re: dawn (from far)

Santiago Leibson - Vidas Simples

Nate Lepine - Vortices*, Perseverance

Matt Lux - December Concert*

Bill MacKay - December Concert*, Altamira*, Cuentos Vol. 2

Sam Macy - Live at Ice Factory, neon jesus garage

Chris Madsen - Earthshine

Pat Mallinger - Doors: Chicago Storylines (speaking)

Hanna Mathey - Gustav 29 Hanna Concerto, neon jesus garage, Live at Ice Factory

Steve Marquette - City In A Garden

Nick Mazzarella - Quartet : Vortices, Altamira

Matthew McClimon - Live!*, Uhzoid*, Live at Ice Factory, Holiday for Vacationers

Seán McCluskey - Angles of Refraction

Chad McCullough - Feather*, Some Other Tree, Beveled

Tim McFatter - Holiday for Vacationers

Dan Meinhardt - Outset*

Joe Meland - Effigy

Ron Miles - Some Wonderful Moment, Dancing On The Inside

Dave Miller - Old Door Phantoms*, The Delicate Beast, Gimme Some Truth, Magnetic Flux*, High Mayhemic*, Familiar Espionage*

Steve Million - Doors: Chicago Storylines (speaking)

Stuart Mindeman - Chinchano

Ben Montalbano - Effigy

Rich Moore - Chinchano

Victoria Moreira - Rough Around The Hedges

Samuel Mösching - Some Other Tree*

Paul Mutzabaugh - Chinchano

Katy Myers - Live at Ice Factory, neon jesus garage

Anna Najoom - Beveled

Dan Oestreicher - Prototype*, Touch.*, Holiday for Vacationers

Allison Orobia - Rough Around The Hedges

Joania Pallato - Live at The Green Mill


Jeff Parker - re: dawn (from far), In The New Year, By A Thread, In The New Year

Crystal Pascucci - Cuentos Vol.1

Juan Pastor - Chinchano*, Beveled

Justin Peake - Prototype*, Touch.*

Jordan Perlson - Materials and their Destiny

Ron Perrillo - Doors: Chicago Storylines

Justin Peters - Effigy

Samuel Peters - Effigy

Ed Petersen - Doors: Chicago Storylines (speaking)

Dan Pierson - Gimme Some Truth

Matt Piet - City in a Garden

David Polk - Live at Elastic*

Jure Pukl - Dedicated

Bernard Purdie - Live at The Green Mill

Matt Reed - Rough Around The Hedges

Redwood Tango Ensemble - Prizefighter

Jorge Roeder - Chinchano

Larry Robertson - Drink With Your Eyes

Charles Rumback - Tag Book*, Daylight Savings*, In The New Year*, This World and One More*, Threes*, Natural Language, The Only Way To Float Free, Some Wonderful Moment, Chatter

Mike Salter - Beveled

Geoff Saunders - Voyage to Ornoc

Andrew Schiller - Man of the Earth

Ben Schmidt-Swartz - Some Other Tree, Sacred Rubble

Eric Schneider - Doors: Chicago Storylines (speaking)

Adam Schneit - Man of the Earth

Phil Schurger - Air of the Forest*, The Waters Above*

Josh Sclar - Some Wonderful Moment

Kendrick Scott - By A Thread

Hugo Seda - Effigy

Aram Shelton - Cuentos Vol. 1

Steve Shirk - Effigy

Christ Shuttleworth - Effigy

Chris Siebold - Rough Around The Hedges

John Sims - Living Bridge

Ted Sirota - Doors: Chicago Storylines (speaking)

Clark Sommers -  By A Thread*, Quartet : Vortices, Earthshine, Typical Sisters*

Jason Steele - Some Wonderful Moment*

Jason Stein - The Only Way To Float Free, In The New Year

Macie Stewart - Gimme Some Truth, City In A Garden

Doug Stone - Voyage to Ornoc

Martin Stonikas - Miss Remember

Tim Sullivan - Some Wonderful Moment

Jeff Swanson - Living Bridge*, This World and One More*, Natural Language

Jenny Swanson - Gustav 29 Hanna Concerto

Jorn Swart - Man of the Earth

Curt Sydnor - Materials and their Destiny*

Natalie Szabo - Gustav 29 Hanna Concerto

Jim Tashjian - Miss Remember*, Rough Around The Hedges

Pete Tashjian - Miss Remember

John Tate - Tag Book, Daylight Savings*, In The New Year, Threes

Chad Taylor - Myths and Morals*

Chris Teal - Prehistoric Beach*, April Showers*, Voyage to Ornoc*

Vijay Tellis-Nayak - By A Thread

Daniel Thatcher - Playing Favorites*, Beveled

Justin Thomas - Tall Tales

Andrew Toombs - re: dawn (from far)

Andrew Trim - The Only Way To Float Free*

Greg Uhlmann - Typical Sisters*

Matt Ulery - Tall Tales, Old Door Phantoms, Rough Around The Hedges, Some Wonderful Moment, Chatter

Diego Urbano - Vidas Simples

Tom Vaitsas - Delays

Sergio Verdinelli - Vidas Simples

Gary Versace - By A Thread

Milton Villarrubia III - High Mayhemic

Clif Wallace - Air of the Forest

Dr. Jimbo Walsh - Holiday for Vacationers*

Greg Ward - The Delicate Beast, Air of the Forest, The Waters Above

Jake Wark - City In A Garden

Ernie Watts - Perseverance 

Johannes Weidenmueller - Dedicated

Bram Weijters - Feather*

Lee Weisert - Ace of Wands, Everything is Floating

Katie Wiegman - Gustav 29 Hanna Concerto

Meghann Wilkinson - Rough Around The Hedges

Drew Williams - Hazel*

Yoni Wolf - Gimme Some Truth

Lilianna Wosko - ...edited to form*

Sarah Marie Young -  Rough Around The Hedges

Chris Ziemba - Voyage to Ornoc




Dave Anderberg - Prehistoric Beach

Peter Andreadis - Quartet : Vortices, Drink With Your Eyes, Prehistoric Beach, Living Bridge, Gustav 29 Hanna Concerto, Daylight Savings, In The New Year, This World and One More, December Concert, Altamira

Todd Bergman - By A Thread

Joseph Branciforte - Man of the Earth 

Nick Broste - Quartet : Vortices, Natural Language, Twin Talk, Living Bridge, Altamira

Brian Bullard - Gustav 29 Hanna Concerto, Ace of Wands

Laura Campuzano - December Concert

Todd Carter - City In A Garden

Lou Chitty - Voyage to Ornoc

Miles Comiskey - Outset

Anthony Cuccia - Holiday for Vacationers

John Davis - Materials and their Destiny

Alan Douches - Man of the Earth

Mark Everetts - Air of the Forest

Greg Figge - December Concert

Charles Glanders - Sacred Rubble

Matthew Golombisky - Prehistoric Beach, Live!, Uhzoid, neon jesus garage, Live at Ice Factory, Introducing::, Subventure,

Anthony Gravino - Beveled, re: dawn (from far), Islands, Rough Around The Hedges, Miss Remember, Gimme Some Truth, Effigy

Andrew Greacen - Extended Play

Shane Hendrickson - The Delicate Beast, Delays, Earthshine, Air of the Forest

John Hughes - Daylight Savings

Alex Inglizian - December Concert, Myths & Morals

Florencio Justo - Cuentos Vol. 1, 2 & 3, Vidas Simples 

Jeff Lipton - The Only Way To Float Free

Brian Losch - Chatter

John McEntire - re: dawn (from far)

Dorian Gehring - This World and One More

Randy Merrill - Voyage to Ornoc

Brandon Miller - Islands

Lance Miller - Outset

Paul Mutzabaugh - Tall Tales

Greg Norman - Old Door Phantoms

Dan Pierson - Typical Sisters

Jonathan Pines - Beveled

Jocko Randall - Extended Play

Maria Rice - The Only Way To Float Free

Felix Reyes - In The New Year

Carl Saff - re: dawn (from far), Old Door Phantoms

Manny Sanchez - Everything is Floating, Magnetic Flux

Greg Saunier - Materials and their Destiny

Stephen Shirk - Rough Around The Hedges, Effigy

Gentry Studer - By A Thread

Brian Schwab - Live at The Green Mill, Natural Language, Outset, Tall Tales, Twin Talk, Typical Sisters, Some Other Tree, Delays, Doors: Chicago Storylines, Sacred Rubble, Earthshine

David Stoller - Dedicated

Brian Sulpizio - The Only Way To Float Free, Drink With Your Eyes

Chris Teal - Prehistoric Beach

Vijay Tellis-Nayak - By A Thread, Tall Tales, Chatter, Doors: Chicago Storylines

Nolan Thies - Man of the Earth

Ed Tinley - The Delicate Beast

Miro Vidovic - Dedicated

Jimbo Walsh - Holiday for Vacationers

Xandy Whitesel - This World and One More

Caleb Willitz - Tag Book, Threes, Some Other Tree

David Zuchowski - Live at The Green Mill, City In A Garden


Rosa Barba - Myths & Morals

Lauren Bedal - Chatter

Stephanie Benhaim - Chatter

Leslie Beukelman - Miss Remember

Nicolas Gaggero Brajcich - Vidas Simples

Virginia Broersma - Islands

Dev Brown - Drink With Your Eyes

Maren Celest - Typical Sisters

Jeremy Cunningham - Gimme Some Truth

Joseph Desler Costa - Daylight Savings

Scott Durand - Effigy

Luke Etcheverry - Live at The Green Mill

Kelly Fleming - Outset

Magdalena Fumagalli - re: dawn (from far), Gustav 29 Hanna Concerto, e&e typeface

Isabella Golombisky - Cuentos Vol. 1, 2 & 3

Matthew  Golombisky - Myths & Morals, Prehistoric Beach, Gustav 29 Hanna Concerto, Dedicated, Live at Ice Factory, neon jesus garage, Golombisky-Kirchner Duo, High Mayhemic, December Concert, ears&eyes Records Sampler Volumes 1-5, Cuentos Volumes 1, 2 & 3, Materials and their Destiny 

Pete Hatch - Voyage to Ornoc

Jonathan Kreyer - Islands

Frances Lee - Sacred Rubble

Federico Maksimiuk (Fede Maks) - By A Thread, Live at The Green Mill, Tall Tales, re: dawn (from far), Extended Play, Old Door Phantoms, Dedicated, Air of the Forest, Earthshine, City In A Garden

Jordan Martins - The Only Way To Float Free, In The New Year, Doors: Chicago Storylines, Materials and their Destiny

Hanna Mathey - e&e logo

Matthew Maxwell - The Delicate Beast

Chad McCullough - Some Other Tree, Delays

Ailim Melillan (Heroinax) - By A Thread

Dan Mohr - December Concert

Derek Nehrbass - Holiday for Vacationers

Via Nuon - Quartet : Vortices

Charles Rumback - Daylight Savings, This World and One More

Sheila Sachs - Quartet : Vortices, Tag Book, Threes

Michael Sallit - Man of the Earth

Lindsay Sant - Natural Language

Ian Sienicki - Ace of Wands, Everything is Floating, Beveled

Jeff Swanson - Daylight Savings, In The New Year, This World and One More

Marine Tempels - Outset, Living Bridge

Lorena Velaquez - This World and One More

Nikki Way - Miss Remember

David J. Woodruff - Natural Language, Twin Talk