Entire Catalog: alphabetically by band

Algernon - Familiar Espionage

Ashley Summers - True North

Box 3 - Prototype

Bill MacKay & Matt Lux - December Concert

blink. - The Delicate Beast

Bram Weijters & Chad McCullough - Feather

Chad Taylor - Myths and Morals

Caroline Davis Quartet - Live, Work & Play

Caroline Davis Quartet - Doors: Chicago Storylines

Charles Rumback - In The New Year

Charles Rumback - Threes

Charles Rumback - Tag Book

Charles Rumback & John Tate - Daylight Savings

Clark Sommers Lens - By A Thread

Curt Sydnor - Materials and Their Destiny

Darts & Arrows (Bill MacKay) - Altamira

Dan Bruce :beta collective - Earthshine

Daniel Thatcher - Playing Favorites

Dave Miller - Old Door Phantoms

Dustin Laurenzi - Natural Language

ears&eyes Records - Volume One

ears&eyes Records - Volume Two Sampler

ears&eyes Records - Volume Three Sampler

ears&eyes Records - Volume IV Sampler

ears&eyes Records - Volume V Sampler

ears&eyes Records - Volume 6 Sampler

Hall Monitors, The - Live at Elastic

Hanami - The Only Way To Float Free

Hood Smoke - Rough Around The Hedges

Hood Smoke - Cannonball Porch

Hood Smoke - Live At Sleeping Village

James Davis Quintet - Angles of Refraction

James Davis - Beveled

Jason Steele Ensemble - Some Wonderful Moment

Jeremy Cunningham Quartet - re: dawn (from far)

Jesse Peterson - Man Of The Earth

Jon Deitemyer - Tall Tales

Juan Bayon - Vidas Simples

Juan Pastor - Chinchano

George Freeman / Mike Allemana Organ Quartet feat. Bernard Purdie - Live at The Green Mill

Golombisky-Kirchner Duo - Introducing::

Greg Uhlmann - Typical Sisters

Living Bridge - Living Bridge

Major Player - Grift & Gum EP


Major Player - Extended Play

Matija Dedic - Dedicated

Matt Piet - City In A Garden

Matterhorn - Uzumati

Matthäus - Effigy

Matthew Golombisky's Cuentos - Volumes 1 & 2

Matthew Golombisky’s Cuentos - Volume 3

Maurice - Ace of Wands

Maurice - Everything is Floating

Merge Quintet - Delays

Miss Remember - Miss Remember

Nate Lepine - Quartet : Vortices

Other Planets, The - Holiday for Vacationers

Outset - Outset

Paul Bedal - Chatter

Paul Dietrich Quintet - Focus

Pedway - Passion Ball

Pedway - Subventure

Phil Schurger - Echoes of the Ancestors

Phil Schurger - The Waters Above

QMRplus - Live!

QMRplus - Uhzoid

Quintopus - April Showers

Quintopus - Prehistoric Beach

Quintopus - Voyage to Ornoc

Redwood Tango Ensemble - Prizefighter

Rob Clearfield - Islands

Samuel Mösching Group feat. Rusty Jones - Some Other Tree

Silences Sumire - The Algernon Remixes

Silences Sumire - The Drastics Remixes

Sun Speak - Sacred Rubble

Tomorrow Music Orchestra - Live at Ice Factory

Tomorrow Music Orchestra - neon jesus garage

Tomorrow Music Orchestra feat. Helen Gillet - Gustav 29 Hanna Concerto

Twin Talk - Twin Talk

Video Gum Culture - Perseverance

Warm Blooded - Drink With Your Eyes

Whirlpool - This World and One More

Whirlpool with Ron Miles - Dancing On The Inside

Wosko/Faulds - ...edited to form

Zing! - High Mayhemic

Zing! - Magnetix Flux